About PointCA ?

« All in one solution! »

Established in 2006, 
PointCA Télécom immediately put in motion it's R&D program. Early in 2007 our Model PTCA-1160 VoIP private automatic branch exchange was ready for deployment. Companies that tested our product enjoyed the added features at practically the fraction of the costs of big telecom. With added input from end users our model PTCA-1280 followed in order to support evolving technologies. Pointca pbx currently host thousands of extensions with a state of the art streamlined web interface accessible and interactive by our end users. ProfilePointCA Télécom designs, manufactures and distributes new generation private branch exchanges (also called private automatic branch exchanges or PBX) operating via standard telephone lines as well as via Internet. These unique products, simple and compact, use new technologies and integrate very easily into computing equipment. They are the answer to an increasingly demanding request.

The private branch exchange from  PointCA Télécom was designed on a simple idea: to « finally » allow small and micro-businesses to benefit from a professional solution, progressive and faithful to your budget.  PointCA Télécom uses the latest technologies because of the Internet and IP telephony, while keeping standard telephone’s reliability.

With an experience of more than 10 years, PointCA is now offered Internet telephone lines and simple and economic hosting solution. It is thus possible for us to fill all your needs from 1 to several hundreds of telephones, to provide even wireless solutions with large cover. Many customers use our solutions around the world, because the technological horizon for us, has from now on, no more border!

PointCA it's also:

  • VoIP for entreprise with spécialists since 13 years!
  • Telephone for home users;
  • Managing of your whole Network infrastructure;
  • Unlimited Internet (FTTN, cable, fiber and Wireless);
  • Web hosting...

The company’s mission

The mission of  PointCA is to offer complete telephone solutions, professional and innovative, integrating a new dimension: “Internet”. This new approach enables to use an innovative and versatile system, without geographical borders while respecting your budget. Armed with a solid expertise, the company intends to position itself as a Canadian leader proposing innovative solutions, which answer to its clients’ customized and immediate needs.

Some of PointCA's customers:

  • Gouvernement du Québec - Conseil des services essentiels
  • Cegep Chicoutimi
  • CQFA (Centre Québécois de Formation Aéronautique)
  • GAL Aerospace
  • ZeroSpam
  • Micro-Prêts
  • Multi-Prêts
  • Productions Gregory Charles
  • Profusion immobilier
  • Hopital vétérinaire de l'Église
  • Complexe funéraire de Brome-Missisquoi
  • Cinéma Princesse
  • Groupe Lexauris - Avocats
  • Terminus voyageurs - Laval, Longueuil, Montréal, etc.
  • etc.

Additional Honors & Awards

  • Déc. 2009 : Commanditaire officiel Nez-Rouge au Saguenay 
  • 2009, PointCA : gagnant du prix ESTim 2009, catégorie innovation et technologies
  • 2008, PointCA : finaliste au Octas 2008 (Solutions d'affaires, logiciels libres)
  • Juin 2007 : 1er prix du concours Québécois en entrepreneuriat